Execute Winning Mutual Action Plans on Every Deal

The best reps take control of their deals by creating a proactive business case and timeline with their buyers (AKA, a mutual action plan).

The best teams do this consistently with deal execution software like Accord – improving multi-threading, deal velocity, and win rates.

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Standardize best practices – across every rep, on every deal


A lot is out of your control today – deal execution isn’t

Take control of your deals by aligning with buyers on objectives, expectations, and timelines. Guide prospects through the buying journey with a clear path to success – driving win rates and deal velocity, and disqualifying bad-fit opps earlier.
project timeline widget example
project timeline widget example
Control timelines

Keep your deals on track & drive accurate forecasts

Prevent stalled deals by establishing a mutual timeline with your buyers. Create a workback plan and assign dates to key tasks so the deal gets done on time. Get clear visibility into your pipeline and know how each deal is actually going, so you can forecast accurately.
Manage stakeholders

Improve multi-threading & sell more enterprise deals

Bigger buying teams = more requirements. Identify key stakeholders and loop them into the process early to prevent blocked deals. Attach all the resources your champion needs to sell your solution internally.
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Successful teams leverage mutual action plans. The best teams choose Accord.

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"We needed a tool like Accord to build out these scalable processes. Now when it comes to deal reviews, if a rep doesn't have a plan in Accord with their customer, we ask why not?"
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Kyle Parrish
VP of Sales, Figma
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