Drive repeatable, consistent, 10/10 Sales Execution with Accord

For most revenue teams, strategy is not the problem – consistent execution is.

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Consistent deal execution

Repeatable SAles Process

Operationalize & execute a 10/10 sales process

Drive rigorous adoption of your methodology (MEDDPICC, Challenger, etc). Get your full team doing what your top reps already know is crucial: multi-threading, account planning, solid business cases and mutual action plans. Map your sales process to proven plays and templates, enforced via bi-directional CRM integration.
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Customer Journey Alignment

Align around a winning customer journey

Deliver a true enterprise-level experience. Replace a siloed, hand-off driven approach with a customer-centric buying journey that extends from interest to value to expansion and brings all revenue teams into a single process with the customer.
Take Control Of Deals

Stop leaving deals to chance

Track the engagement level of your buyers. Forecast based on deal engagement and customer-validated outcomes – not stories and feelings. Proactively identify risks on key deals and avoid late-stage surprises.
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Successful teams leverage deal execution software. The best teams choose Accord.

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“This is how I want my reps selling. Working with our buyers to solve real business problems. You’re not just going to lose a deal when the whole executive team is aligned and bought in.”
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Kate Jensen
Head of Partnerships, Stripe
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