Deal Criteria Checklist for B2B Sales Teams

From 1:1s to deal reviews, get a customizable framework to help your team drive consistent, 10/10 execution on every opportunity.

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Get strategies for successfully implementing sales methodologies and frameworks:

Veteran revenue leaders are investing in MEDDPICC, Challenger, and other proven sales methodologies...

Because nothing rivals having a consistent, shared framework on every deal!

Why use this checklist?

  • Rigorously inspect your team's deals by reviewing the criteria that matters
  • Up-level your reps' deal execution by empowering them with a proven process
  • Drive consistency, repeatability, and enterprise-level execution on every deal

The best GTM teams drive consistent deal execution with a proven process

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“Accord is like a magnifying glass that lets me see how well reps are executing on each deal, and how customers are responding.”
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Steven Huynh
Mid-Market Sales Manager, Procurify
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