Accord + Hubspot Integration: How to create an Accord for every Hubspot deal

Learn how to automatically create accords for every Hubspot opportunity via Accord's Zapier integration.

Generating predictable and consistent revenue requires a predictable and consistent sales process.

A CRM helps your team manage opportunities, rotates amongst reps, and internally keeps your team up to date and on track. Hubspot is great for all internal collaboration on opportunities and  customers. However, your customers do not have access to HubSpot!

So, how do you collaborate and build a partnership with your customers and external stakeholders? You need to keep your customers accountable, evaluations and onboarding on track because it is the key to consistently winning every deal.

Accord is a platform to create repeatable customer collaboration that plugs directly into your revenue team's workflow. Instead of sharing a Google Sheet and keeping track of random email threads, Accord allows you to create a collaborative workspace with all the stakeholders.

Additionally, your team can create standardizes template for evaluations, onboarding, or any other customer collaboration process.

To automate the creation of an Accord every time one of your HubSpot deals enters a stage. Follow this guide.

1. Add the Accord Zapier App to your Zapier account.

2. Create a new Zap with Hubspot as the trigger and select the New Deal in Stage event.

3. Choose the Deal Stage when you want to start collaborating with your customers. 💡 You can also choose other attributes (opportunity size, rep, etc) to dynamically pick different Accord templates in step 4.

We're choosing the Evaluation stage but choose the stage that makes sense for you.

4. Grab the template id from the template you wish to use in your Accord workspace. The easiest way to do this is to navigate to the template in your browser and find the id in the url. 💡 You can use different templates based on revenue amount, onboarding, evaluation, etc.

5. Use Deal Information: Deal Name as your account name to easily track Accounts between HubSpot and Accord. Optional: At this stage, if your Deal has a revenue amount attached, you can also pass that information to Accord.

6. Save your newly created Zap!

Now every time a deal in HubSpot moves to Evaluation, an Accord will automatically be created for your reps.

Note: The accord is not automatically shared with your customers. Your reps can log into your Accord workspace and share the accord with your customers at the right time.