How to Build a Repeatable Sales Process for Early Stage Startups

Thursday, January 13th at 2pm Eastern

Meet the experts

Max Zuckerman
Max Zuckerman
VP of Sales
Advises startups on GTM & built sales at Alooma from zero to acquisition
Josh Weisman
Josh Weisman
Head of Sales
Led sales at top-tier VC-backed startups: Scoop and Chariot
Carol Malakasis
Carol Malakasis
Works with early stage startups to take them from 0-$100k ARR
Ross Rich, CEO and Founder of AccordRoss Rich, CEO and Founder of Accord
Ross Rich
CEO & Founder
Helped Stripe scale from 10 to 200+ sales reps

It’s no secret that startups thrive or die because of two things: revenue and customer growth...

So why do we still treat sales like a guessing game?

What will be covered?

  • Building and documenting a winning sales process
  • Coaching and ramping your first 5 reps
  • Identifying friction in your sales process

Learn how to

Close more deals by iterating on process
Coach your reps to hit & surpass quota
Partner with buyers to close deals faster