How to Win More Deals by Helping Your Buyers... Buy

Thursday, September 8 at 1pm ET / 10am PT

Meet the experts

Nick Cegelski headshot
Nick Cegelski
Host & Founder
Host & Founder of 30 Minutes to President's Club, college wrestling coach, & former AE
Ross Rich, CEO and Founder of AccordRoss Rich, CEO and Founder of Accord
Ross Rich
CEO & Founder
Accord's CEO & Founder and ex-Stripe sales leader (scaling from 0 to 300+ reps)

The best sellers make it EASY for buyers to buy.

When you lead your prospects through the buying journey, you drive deal velocity, win rates, and great customer relationships!

What will be covered?

  • How to guide prospects through the buying journey with a shared plan
  • Tactics for helping champions navigate their internal process & stakeholders
  • Giving buyers the business case for their project, not your solution