How to Maximize NRR: The New Startup North Star

Thursday, June 23 at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific

Meet the Experts

Brian Reuter
Director of Account Management
10+ years GTM experience across the customer journey in sales, marketing, and CS
Dave Marantz

10+ years experience in sales, leadership, and as advisor/investor at Okta, League, Intro, & more
Alex Heller
Head of Account Management
10+ years in sales & leadership at Flexport, Athena Health, etc.
Ross Rich, CEO and Founder of Accord
Connor Fee

10+ years GTM & leadership experience at Clearbit, Winning by Design, UserVoice, & more

Your existing customers are your best source of revenue.

In today’s world, NRR is as important, if not more important, than ARR.

What will be covered?

  • Who owns the upsell / customer relationship: CS or Sales?
  • How to identify expansion opps & mitigate churn
  • NRR tactics for PLG, Land & Expand, and Sales-Led