Sales Playbooks: 
Win More Deals Faster

Tuesday, March 8th at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific

Meet the Experts

Matt Yalowitz
Head of Growth Sales
Built the sales engine at Stripe: from startups to winning the largest global brands.
Jake Dunlap
Jake Dunlap
Veteran sales leader (Glassdoor, Chartbeat, and Nowait) and now Creating the Future of Sales.
Pleasant Middlehof
New Business Manager
Top sales rep at Outreach & Pendo, and now leads sales at Rollworks.
Ross Rich, CEO and Founder of AccordRoss Rich, CEO and Founder of Accord
Ross Rich
CEO & Founder
Accord's CEO and ex-Stripe sales leader (from 0 to 300+ reps)

The key to winning deals consistently and ramping reps quickly: Playbooks.

What will be covered?

  • How to architect a winning sales process
  • How to document your repeatable playbook 
  • Best ways to drive adoption across your sales team