The Business Case Template All Your Reps Should Be Using

Don't lose deals behind closed doors. Get the template 30 Minutes to President's Club uses to align executive stakeholders, drive deals forward, and make their champions look like rockstars.

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Check out 30MPC's best practices for creating & using winning business cases:

Buying teams are growing. Execs are more important than ever to getting deals done.

If you're not creating strong business cases with your buyer, your deals are at risk!

Why use this template?

  • Summarize the key information & goals behind the partnership for all stakeholders
  • Arm your champion with everything they need to sell internally
  • Build trust & stronger partnerships by using your buyers' language / goals – not yours!

The best sales teams use business cases to align buying teams & drive deals

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"Don't lose deals behind closed doors. Business cases help sellers align decision makers around shared goals & outcomes and empower your champion to make the case internally – when you're not in the room with the buying team."
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Armand Farrokh
Founder & Host, 30MPC
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