Mutual Plans
That Buyers Love

Accord is a customer-facing collaboration platform for complex sales. Empower your Reps & Prospects to evaluate, integrate, and go-live faster.

For sales leaders who understand
buyer-centric selling

The single biggest challenge of selling today is not selling, it is actually our customers’ struggle to buy.

Gartner Sales Report, 2019

Stuck in POC & onboarding?

Evaluation stages at-a-glance

Stop missing close and launch dates – start guiding prospects. Replace shared Docs, Sheets, and ‘Mutual Evaluation Plans’ with a clear evaluation process.

Intervene before evaluations stall

Slack and email notifications

Instantly see which deals are moving forward, at-risk, or blocked. Adjust forecasts and resources based on real-time client interactions. Stop relying on your Rep’s best guess.

A prescriptive roadmap for reps

Repeatable sales process

Don’t just document best practices – clone your ‘A players’. Leverage proven processes to enable buyers, up-level your team, and ramp reps faster.

Built for modern sales leaders

Sales Leadership
Prescriptive, consultative, value-based sales processes to differentiate from competitors Solve forecasting issues with pipeline insights based on real-time client interactions.
Sales Reps
Keep deals on-track; eliminate confusion around next steps & timelines Empower your internal champion to sell more effectively.
Sales Ops & Enablement
Increase visibility into deals and broken processes with analytics & deal monitoring Accelerate onboarding & training with full deal cycles available at a click.

Our sales process is a reflection of our product & values. Accord helps us collaborate with users in a way that aligns to these values – transparent, thoughtful, & productive.

Kevin Nothnagel,
Head of Sales, productboard

This is how I want my reps selling. Adding value and building trust through our sales process.

Kate Jensen,
Head of Partnerships, Stripe


Up to 3 seats per domain
  • Shared evaluation hub
  • Next steps tracker
  • Mutual timeline & milestones
  • Document management
  • Evaluation team
  • Executive summary


Up to 25 seats per domain
  • Everything in Startup, plus
  • Deal status tracker
  • Evaluation templates
  • Automated progress notifications
  • Sales manager views


More than 25 seats per domain
  • Everything in Growth, plus
  • Salesforce integration
  • Systems integrator extension
  • Deal velocity tracker
  • Pipeline insights & analytics
  • Advanced permissions
  • Slack integration

Our mission

Accord was founded by early Google Cloud and Stripe employees. After spending years designing processes for their scaling, multi-billion dollar sales orgs, they set out to focus on the core people problems associated with complex B2B sales.

Built by sales professionals who understand that complex, technical solutions require close collaboration between both buying and selling companies. We strive to improve collaboration between different teams for the best outcome possible.