Sales Academy for Founders (September 2021)
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Don’t Leave Revenue Goals To Chance

Build your repeatable sales & onboarding process to hit growth targets. Collaborative. Transparent. Engaging. What customers love.

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Collaborative Workspace

Drive Engagement, Consistency & Transparency

Partner with prospects & customers to prevent lost deals, stalled onboardings, and missed revenue goals.

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Repeatable Sales & Onboarding

Reinforce Repeatable Sales
& Onboarding Motions

Implement a repeatable sales & success process that’s collaborative with customers.

GTM Playbooks

Built-in Best Practices & Templates From Successful Startups

Adopt winning strategies, templates, and tactics used by hundreds of high-growth startups. Partner with dedicated sales experts to customize.

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project templates example
project templates example
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Ramping AEs & CSM`s

Effectively Onboard,
Ramp & Scale Your Team

Invest in their success. Don’t just hire the best, enable your Sales & Onboarding teams to onboard and ramp quickly to hit your growth goals.

Why Our Customers Love Accord

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“This is how I want my reps selling. Working with our Buyers to solve real business problems. You’re just not going to lose a deal when the whole executive team is aligned and bought in.”

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Kate Jensen
Head of Partnerships at Stripe
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Our sales process is a reflection of our product – collaborative and intuitive. Accord helps us keep this at the forefront of every customer interaction.

kevin nothnagel
Kevin Nothnagel
Head of Sales at Productboard


What is Accord?
Accord is a customer-facing workspace to drive alignment, engagement, and consistency during your sales & onboarding process. Hit revenue goals through a repeatable, collaborative GTM motion.
What's the difference between an internal collaborator and a paid seat?
An internal collaborator is someone who works internally that may be assigned steps or tasks, but isn't creating Accords. For example: IT, legal, HR.

A paid seat is someone who creates Accord workspaces and edit and add tasks.
Can I buy multiple individual seats?
Sounds like you need to invite internal collaborators into your workspace. We suggest upgrading to Startup, where you can invite internal collaborators for free and purchase multiple paid seats.
Who Is Accord For?
Revenue leaders, founders, and AEs/CSMs who need to quickly reach growing revenue targets. Those who value building real relationships and partnerships with their customers.
What Do Buyers / Customers Think About Accord?
They really, really appreciate it. Don’t just take our word for it, read real quotes like “thanks for rolling out the red carpet for us” and other reviews on our Customer Page or G2 Crowd profile.
Does Accord Integrate With My Systems?
Slack, Gmail, SFDC, Hubspot, etc? YES. For other apps, configure via our Zapier integration, or open API if you need something custom. See Integrations & API page for more details.
Can I See Accord Before Buying? How Much Is It?
Yes! Simply click “Get Started”. For pricing, see our Pricing Page or talk to us today.

The single biggest challenge of selling today is not selling, it is actually our customers’ struggle to buy.

Gartner Sales Report, 2019
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Resources For Better Collaboration

what is a mutual action plan

How to Build a Repeatable Sales Process: Proven Tactics from Startup Sales Veterans

The key to any successful startup? Consistently winning and onboarding happy customers. But we all know that’s easier said than done. So we called in the experts! We held a masterclass with startup sales veterans from Rampd, Balance, and Northstar on building a repeatable sales process for early stage startups. Watch the recording or get the key takeaways here.

what is a mutual action plan

8 Startup & Sales Lessons from the First Year of Launching Accord

As a first-time founder, I learned a lot this year, to say the least. We began 2021 at Accord with zero paying customers and a small group of builders and design partners. Since then, we've raised $7M, signed our first 50+ customers, and grown our founding team. After a lot of reflection, I came up with 8 startup and sales lessons that made a big impact on me and the Accord team this year. Here's to more learning and growth in 2022!

what is a mutual action plan

How to Win More Deals with Mutual Action Plans

A Mutual Action Plan (MAP) is a shared, collaborative document that outlines exactly how a selling and buying organization can work together to solve a problem. It feels like a joint project plan – not a close plan – and drives alignment, accountability, and transparency. At the end of the day it increases the chances that the buyer overcomes an important challenge, and the seller wins a new customer.