Sales Academy for Founders (September 2021)
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Build Your Predictable Revenue Engine

Define, execute & reinforce your winning sales process. Align on proven Business Cases & Mutual Plans with the
right stakeholders.
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Up-Level Deal Execution

Don’t leave deals to chance – take control of your pipeline. Consistently align with buyers on a metrics-driven business case, next steps, and the right stakeholders. Create a proactive path to success.
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Accord mutual action plan with multiple cursors collaborating in a shared workspace
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Adopt & Enforce Predictable Processes

Ensure disciplined adoption of your sales methodology on every deal. From MEDDPIC to Challenger, map your sales motion to clear steps for reps to execute (enforced via bi-directional CRM integration).

Define & Drive Sales Consistency

See how deals are progressing with customer engagement data, including updates on tasks completed, resources viewed, and buyer comments.
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project templates example
project templates example
project templates example
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Multi-Thread Early & Often

Engage the right stakeholders and ensure multithreading early in deal cycles. Support champions on their internal selling and hard work off their plate.
G2 Crowd Reviews, Average 4.5 stars/50 with 30+ reviews
4.9/5 stars  |  80+ reviews

“Accord helped me close one of the largest deals in Figma’s history. And it was outbound sourced. There were over 13 stakeholders at my prospect’s account all collaborating in Accord. Do you know what it’s like keeping 13 people up-to-speed?”

Kyle Parrish

"We needed a tool like Accord to build out these scalable processes. Now when it comes to deal reviews, if a rep doesn’t have a plan in Accord with their customer, we ask why not?”

Kyle Parrish
Kyle Parrish   |   VP of Sales at Figma
Kate Jensen

“This is how I want my reps selling. Working with our Buyers to solve real business problems. You’re just not going to lose a deal when the whole executive team is aligned and bought in.”

Kate Jensen
Kate Jensen   |   Head of Partnerships at Stripe

See how 100+ of the best Sales Leaders are driving repeatable revenue

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