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Mutual Plans Buyers Love

Collaborate with your Buyers to increase win-rates & deal velocity. Move from vendorship to partnership with Accord’s Customer Collaboration Platform.

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A collaborative buying experience your customers will actually engage with


Drive engagement & accountability

Stop missing close and launch dates – guide Buyers. Replace shared Docs and email with a clear process.

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Proven strategies from scaling startups

Get started with strategies used by 100s of scaling startups. Let us do the heavy lifting.


Scale through a repeatable process

A repeatable sales process that Buyers love and reps actually follow.

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Why our customers love it

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“This is how I want my reps selling. Working with our Buyers to solve real business problems. You’re just not going to lose a deal when the whole executive team is aligned and bought in.”

kate jensen
Kate Jensen
Head of Partnerships at Stripe
kevin nothnagel

Our sales process is a reflection of our product – collaborative and intuitive. Accord helps us keep this at the forefront of every customer interaction.

kevin nothnagel
Kevin Nothnagel
Head of Sales at Productboard

95% of the sales process is spent not talking to you

Buyers don’t reach out until they’re 70% through their process
Source: Gartner
Avg # of buyers rose from 3 --> 14, and still growing
Source: Gartner
94% of sales leaders agree: “Our sellers struggle to add value...”
Source: Gartner

Made for high-growth sales orgs

Sales Leadership

Increase win-rates & deal velocity across your org. Create a repeatable process to move reps from pitching features to selling outcomes.
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Sales Reps

Keep deals on-track; eliminate confusion around Next Steps & Timelines. Empower your internal champion to sell more effectively.

Sales Ops & Enablement

Increase visibility into the sales pipeline. Reinforce methodologies & accelerate onboarding for new reps.
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Transparent and collaborative. See what the buying process looks like in advance. Work with your Sales Rep to understand if their solution actually works for your.

The single biggest challenge of selling today is not selling, it is actually our customers’ struggle to buy.

Gartner Sales Report, 2019
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Resources for better collaboration

what is a mutual action plan

How to Build and Document a Repeatable Sales Process (10 Tips)

4 sales leaders explain how they successfully built and scaled their sales process at multiple B2B early-stage startups.

what is a mutual action plan

Life at Accord

Accord is founded on the ideas of radical collaboration and better relationships. Learn how it influences our company culture!

what is a mutual action plan

Your Buyers are Begging for a More Transparent Process

Multi-time Sales Leader Jake Dunlap explains why transparency should be priority number 1 when working with buyers.