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Leading revenue teams use Accord to enforce their standards for how they sell, onboard, and expand with customers.

Enforce Execution Excellence with Accord

Translate Your Strategy to the Field

The Only Deal Execution Platform Designed to Enforce Execution Excellence

The market has changed. Translate your strategy to the field with defined playbooks, mutual action plans, and business cases.  

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A Single Platform to Streamline and Simplify the Revenue Process

From evaluation to activation, revenue teams that use Accord see decreased sales cycles, increased win rates, and onboard customers 50% faster.  

Implement a Consistent, Winning Process

Real Time Buyer Engagement Insights

With over 8+ stakeholders on a deal, tighter budgets, and a competitive landscape, it’s harder than ever to get a customer to spend money. With Accord, revenue teams validate their winning process with real-time buyer engagement insights to reduce slipped deals and engage stakeholders and champions. 

100+ GTM Teams Enforce Execution Excellence with Accord

“We recognized the need for a partner to help translate our vision for deal excellence into practical implementation on the field.”
Adam Fremes
CRO at Procurify
"What I love most about Accord is that I can build a process that people can follow, and I can measure."
Robby Halford
GTM Enablement at
G2 Crowd Reviews, Average 4.5 stars/50 with 30+ reviews
4.9/5 stars  |  91 reviews

"Complex sales cycles often involve multiple stakeholders who enter the process at different stages. With Accord stakeholders who enter an evaluation can quickly and easily bring themselves up to speed on everything that has been covered and shared with the team to date."

Translate your strategy to execution on the field.