How enosix Boosts Deal Speed & Engagement with Accord

Legacy sales playbooks hindered enosix growth. Accord streamlines sales operations, providing real-time data for improved decision-making and accurate forecasting.

The Company 

enosix delivers the fastest, most accurate SAP real-time process integration in the industry.  It combines speed, accuracy and reliability into a unique solution that is changing the landscape of how businesses are unlocking SAP data to the enterprise.

The company’s advanced technologies allow organizations to meet customer demands, grow revenues, and improve the human experience — all in a fraction of the time and with fewer costs and risks. enosix caters to Fortune 1,000 and 2,000 companies, with a median deal size ranging from $250K to $500K. The average deal cycle, from lead to closure, spans four to six months. 

Jeffrey Benson is the Head of Global Sales and Success at enosix. He spends his time   educating customers on what is possible when you unlock ERP systems to various business systems - simply and quickly. 

The Problem 

Before implementing Accord, enosix relied on PowerPoint to manage its playbook. However, updating the content was cumbersome and often led to inaccuracies at the time of reporting. This resulted in several pain points, including unclear engagement metrics, prolonged closing times, and a general lack of awareness among stakeholders about the next steps on a deal.

Additionally, enosix faced challenges with its outbound email communications, which were frequently flagged as spam, disrupting customer interactions. “Our sellers do a large amount of outbounding. So when they tried to reach out to existing customers, emails would drop. This is primarily because when you do a lot of outbound outreach, emails get tagged a certain way. As a result, when attempting to reach out to existing customers many emails were not delivered and were marked as spam,” says Jeffrey.

The Solution 

With Accord, Jeffrey’s team is able to gauge which deals are progressing based on the next steps and daily progress. “No other solution I saw could do this.” 

Accord also enhances enosix’s visibility into its sales processes by providing clear insights into rep activities. This includes detailed tracking of engagement, the progression through various stages and steps, and validation of the rationale behind a company’s decision to engage. All of these elements are readily accessible for review, questioning, and confirmation. As a result, it’s also easier for the team to forecast more accurately. 

“When I joined enosix two years ago, our deal cycles typically lasted six to seven months. Now, we’ve managed to reduce that time to about 4.5 months. Some of this improvement can be directly attributed to Accord because it helps us follow best practices, stick to timelines, and monitor prospect and customer engagement. Plus, Accord supports multithreading and enables us to share business cases, which helps us enhance our operational efficiency,” says Jeffrey.  

Jeffrey also now spends more time in Accord than other tools. “When it comes to this tool set, and what it allows me to do, I live here instead of in Salesforce now. While I still perform some updates in Salesforce, I predominantly live in Accord.”

Why enosix rates Accord 10/10

enosix purchased Accord to implement a system flexible enough to allow customization for each account, while enabling customers to conduct their due diligence, research, and engage meaningfully with enosix as they are guided toward a partnership decision. 

Accord is primarily used by AEs, CSMs, leadership, and partners and Jeffrey has zero regrets about his choice. “Every single person I’ve engaged with across the entire process has been a delight — a 10 out of 10. Every company should strive to duplicate Accord’s care and attention to the customer.”