Sales Leadership

Execution Excellence on Every Deal

Avoid losing winnable deals, and drive a culture of performance. Bring rigor to your sales process, and increase productivity per rep, deal velocity, and win rates, while achieving objective and accurate forecasts.

Create Accountability for Deal Excellence

Consistency & Predictability

Drive Execution Excellence

Ensure execution excellence and drive deal accountability with approved playbooks, standardized business cases, account plans, multi-threading, and mutual action plans. Create the consistency, predictability, and repeatability of your top reps.

Forecast with Confidence

Objective Deal Signals

Increased visibility into your team's pipeline with defined deal criteria that syncs directly to your CRM. Say goodbye to inconsistent deal reviews, slipped deals, and unreliable information from reps. Improve forecast quality with confidence by understanding which stakeholders are missing, steps that have been skipped, or quality of the business case.

Create Accountability

Drive Consistent Performance Across Your Team

Create a single source of truth for your revenue team. From evaluation to activation, ensure your entire team is doing the right things consistently with approved playbooks and defined deal criteria. 

Engage Stakeholders

The Right Stakeholders at the Right Time

Ensure your team is identifying and engaging the right stakeholders early. Multi-threading and stakeholder mapping in Accord provides complete visibility for internal and external stakeholders. With one click, you can see if your reps have a champion engaged.

100+ GTM Teams Enforce Execution Excellence with Accord

“We recognized the need for a partner to help translate our vision for deal excellence into practical implementation on the field.”
Adam Fremes
CRO at Procurify
"What I love most about Accord is that I can build a process that people can follow, and I can measure."
Robby Halford
GTM Enablement at

Translate your strategy to execution on the field.