Mutual Action Plans

Drive engagement, consistency, and transparency with Mutual Action Plans

Partner with prospects & customers to prevent lost deals, stalled onboarding, and missed revenue goals.

Drive Accountability on Every Deal

A to Z Alignment

Follow a Shared Roadmap

Align on objectives, milestones, timelines, and next steps to drive engagement and accountability with your buyer.

Strategic Stakeholder Management

Complete Timeline Visibility

Take best practices from project management and apply them to the world of sales. Get mutually agreed upon timelines and next steps with auto-reminders for efficient stakeholder management.

Calculate ROI for MAPs

Build Quantifiable Business Cases

Build Quantifiable Business CasesSet your buyer up for success with clear customer facing business cases and ROI calculations, directly in your Mutual Action Plan (MAP). 

Timely Stakeholder Involvement

Stakeholder Mapping

Ensure all stakeholders are involved in the buying process at the right time.

100+ GTM Teams Enforce Execution Excellence with Accord

“We recognized the need for a partner to help translate our vision for deal excellence into practical implementation on the field.”
Adam Fremes
CRO at Procurify
"What I love most about Accord is that I can build a process that people can follow, and I can measure."
Robby Halford
GTM Enablement at

Translate your strategy to execution on the field.