Forecasting Accuracy

Forecasting calls just got an upgrade

Increase confidence with objective, accurate, defined deal stages. No more end of quarter surprises. 

Enforce Excellence with Objective and Accurate Forecasts

Automatic Insights & Reporting

Deal Cycle Data

Get automatic insights and reporting on which buyer and seller activities at each deal stage resulted in stage progression and revenue.

Translate Insights Into Actionable Steps

Real-time Engagement Data

Know exactly when your prospect or customer viewed your pricing, legal, or security docs, how often they did so, and at what stage of the deal. No subjectivity here. 

Set & Enforce Deal Standards

Aligned Deal Criteria

With Accord, subjective forecasts are a thing of the past. With deal criteria that aligns with your CRM opportunity stages, you can make sure pipeline is never in “closing” unless your defined criteria have been realized.

Complete Accountability

Internal and External Stakeholder

Alignment Ensure accountability and alignment for all internal and external stakeholders on every deal.

100+ GTM Teams Enforce Execution Excellence with Accord

“We recognized the need for a partner to help translate our vision for deal excellence into practical implementation on the field.”
Adam Fremes
CRO at Procurify
“Accord allows us to adhere to the rigor of our process while at the same time being flexible enough to adapt to the customer's buying process or engagement process. So that flexibility and then adherence to processes that we've laid out is a nice combination.”
Jeff Benson
VP of Commercial at enosix 

Translate your strategy to execution on the field.