Account Planning

Static account plans are a thing of the past

Map the important details of your accounts with customized account planning playbooks.

Consistent and Impactful Account Plans

Strategic, Repeatable Account Plans

Create Winning Playbooks

Build your Account Plans into standardized, repeatable playbooks to ensure every rep is following your account planning strategy step by step. Achieve dynamic and up-to-date Account Plans and archive static account planning word docs.

Revenue & Growth Data Points

Streamline Account Overviews

Build and summarize key elements of your account plan from revenue and growth data points to HQ location and employee base, all in Accord.

Centralized Timeline

Timeline and Next Steps

Build your account plan timeline and next steps directly in Accord. Drive accountability by ensuring your team is setting milestones for your accounts. Easily track progress so you can rest easy knowing no steps are being missed or forgotten.

Stakeholder Integrity

Placeholders and Stakeholder Maps

Create placeholders for key account stakeholders. Eliminate missed context and guarantee all relevant decision makers are added to the account.

100+ GTM Teams Enforce Execution Excellence with Accord

“We recognized the need for a partner to help translate our vision for deal excellence into practical implementation on the field.”
Adam Fremes
CRO at Procurify
“Accord allows us to adhere to the rigor of our process while at the same time being flexible enough to adapt to the customer's buying process or engagement process. So that flexibility and then adherence to processes that we've laid out is a nice combination.”
Jeff Benson
VP of Commercial at enosix 

Translate your strategy to execution on the field.