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“Accord helped me close one of the largest deals in Figma’s history. And it was outbound sourced. There were over 13 stakeholders at my prospect’s account all collaborating in Accord. Do you know what it’s like keeping 13 people up-to-speed?”

"Accord helped us move up-market and level-up the team by driving rigor and consistency in our sales process."

Adam Fremes
Chief Revenue Officer at Procurify


What is Accord?
Accord helps revenue teams operationalize their Sales and CS process through mutual action plans, standardized business cases, stakeholder maps, and account plans.

With Accord’s deal execution platform, revenue leaders can translate their GTM strategy & methodology into every single deal.
Who is Accord built for?
Accord was built to meet the needs of a multi-stakeholder B2B buying process. Accord provides real-time insights on buyer engagement, content, and sales & CS timelines, while ensuring next steps are followed and in-line with your CRM opportunity stages through a bi-directional sync to your CRM.
Will my buyer engage with Accord?
The results are in. There are 3x the number of customers on the platform relative to sellers. Buyers love Accord because it helps them evaluate, validate, and onboard new and existing partners seamlessly.
How is Accord different from my CRM?
Accord integrates natively to your CRM and helps translate your ideal sales & cs process to what AEs / CSMs are *actually* doing with customers. Accord helps enforce a clear process to create successful partnerships while automatically updating stages and fields in Salesforce or Hubspot.
Does Accord integrate with my existing tech stack?
Accord has a bi-directional sync with Hubspot and Salesforce, as well as integrations with Gong, Slack, and GSuite. For other apps, you can configure via our Zapier integration or open API.