How Procurify Accelerates Deals & Drives Repeatable Sales Execution

The Challenge ❌

Procurify, an intelligence spend management platform, had a winning playbook and a strong coaching culture, but they needed the right tools for AEs and buyers to consistently navigate next steps and establish strong partnerships. Leadership recognized the need for a partner to help translate their vision for deal excellence into practical implementation in the field.

The Outcome ✅

Accord gave Procurify’s reps the structure and support they needed to follow their repeatable sales process and execute consistently on every opportunity. By using collaborative business cases, Mutual Action Plans, shared resources, and stakeholder mapping in Accord, Procurify improved deal velocity, multi-threading, and alignment with buyers. 

The integration into Salesforce also reinforced their sales methodology, provided better visibility into forecasted deals, and supported a focus on coaching across sales management. 

With one platform to partner with across all of these initiatives, Procurify was able to drive the impact they needed in a consolidated, cost-efficient way.

“Accord helped us move up-market and level-up the team by driving rigor and consistency in our sales process.” -Adam Fremes, CRO

Driving a Repeatable Process 🔁

Procurify is an intelligent spend management platform that helps businesses gain real-time visibility and control over their spend. When working deals, reps understood best practices to follow (proactive next steps, strong business cases, executive buy-in, etc) but needed a way to execute consistently and better align with prospects during the buying journey.

Steven Huynh and Faraz Lalani (Director of Sales) reinforced a winning sales process via Mutual Action Plans at their previous companies. They knew MAPs were key to driving internal processes, maintaining momentum with buyers, and consistently up-leveling deal execution across the revenue org.

By partnering with Accord to reinforce and operationalize their sales process, Procurify’s MM team was able to:

🔁 Establish repeatable playbooks for reps to use on every deal.

💨 Streamline rep workflow and decrease ramp time – increasing team efficiency due to clear steps when working deals.

🛠️ Drive consistent execution on deals – giving reps the tools they need to follow best practices on every opportunity and build collaborative plans & business cases with buyers.

Improving Deal Execution 🎯

Now that the Procurify team had a clear playbook for driving deals forward, they quickly up-leveled their deal execution and improved multiple areas:

👯 Multi-threading & Exec buy-in – by inviting executives into Accord early, execs are able to get an overview of the partnership proposal on their own time.

“It’s always great when your champion invites C-level execs into Accord,” said Michael MacDougall, Mid-Market Sales Manager. “It definitely signals intent when they’re exploring Accord, we get excited when we see that.”

🚀 Deal velocity – AEs can build a timeline and next steps in Accord with their buyers, so both parties know everything they need to do to close & launch successfully. Getting buy-in on the shared plan prevents any guesswork and keeps the deal from stalling.

“AEs have accelerated their deals tremendously because they use Mutual Action Plans,” said Steven. “The structure of Accord keeps deals moving forward.”

🔍 Stronger business cases – MAPs enable reps to have deeper discussions with buyers, leading to clearer, more personalized connections between their problems and Procurify’s solution (and stronger buyer relationships!)

Differentiated, professional buying experience – by sharing a dedicated workspace to collaborate on the deal, Accord adds credibility and helps set Procurify’s team apart. One AE heard from their champion: “Nobody else I’ve spoken to does this – I need this to stay on track.”

“Introducing Accord shows that we’re serious about our buyers’ business and goals. It helps us identify the people who are serious about working with us too, instead of disqualifying them later in the process.” -Michael MacDougall, Mid-Market Sales Manager

Increasing Visibility & Reinforcing Coaching 🔍

Procurify’s sales team has a strong coaching culture, with Michael, Steven, and the rest of leadership spending a lot of hands-on time with AEs. Accord enables them to go even deeper when coaching reps and understanding progress on deals:

👀 Better visibility into opportunities – managers can look at reps’ Accords to see where each deal stands and how they’re progressing.

🌱 More specific coaching – Accord helps take leadership’s coaching to the next level by giving them clear visibility into how reps are executing, and reinforcing best practices.

🙋 Buyer engagement signals – instead of guessing how engaged their buyers are, Procurify gets notified when stakeholders are interacting with Accord.

“Accord is like a magnifying glass that lets me see how well reps are executing on each deal, and how customers are responding.” -Steven Huynh, Mid-Market Sales Manager

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