April 3rd | 1pm ET / 10am PT

Execution Excellence: Bridging the gap from enablement to the field

Over $70B is spent annually on up-leveling revenue teams. How much of that spend is making a difference with how your AEs / CSMs are partnering with prospects & customers? 

In this Masterclass, we’ll dig into how the best enablement leaders up-level Sales, Onboarding, and CS orgs to ensure their winning strategy is executed on every deal.

Robby Halford
Head of GTM Enablement
Ashton Williams
Director - Strategic Programs
Nate Vogel
VP, Global Sales & Partner Enablement
Ross Rich
Ross Rich
CEO at Accord
Accord logo

In this Masterclass, we’ll be chatting with enablement leaders from Teamwork, Slack, and Databricks. Collectively, they bring 25+ years of sales enablement experience from companies like Gong, Ada, Heap, and more. 

We’ll share proven strategies on everything from getting your team to adopt winning methodologies (hint: not just adding fields in Salesforce or MEDDIC Sheets), rolling out new playbooks, and ways to enforce your sales processes that translate to more stakeholders, velocity, and ARR.

You’ll learn
  • How to adopt & enforce winning methodologies with rigor

  • Rolling out new sales & CS processes that impact customer interactions

  • Strategies to guarantee org-wide adoption of your proven best practices