March 6th | 1pm ET / 10am PT

Back to Basics: Revisiting the Fundamentals

There have been a lot of market changes over the past two years. Buying committees are getting bigger. Deal cycles are getting longer. Budgets are getting tighter. But there’s always one tool in your sales stack that you can lean on - the fundamentals.

Matt Green
CRO at Sales Assembly
Meg Peterson
VP of Revenue Operations at Rev
Matt DeLauro
CRO at SEON Fraud Fighters
Ross Rich
Ross Rich
CEO at Accord
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Join us for a masterclass where we go back to basics and cover what your team needs to do to close more deals in a tough environment. We’ll dive into building strong in-person connections, getting exec alignment, and enforcing your GTM standards to ensure execution excellence across all reps and teams. 

You’ll learn
  • What fundamental skills and tactics your team needs to have to be successful in 2024

  • How to enable reps with the right skills for consistent deal execution

  • What expectations you need to set for your team to ensure top performance