June 12th | 1pm ET / 10am PT

Building High-Performing Sales Teams

Discover how to create a winning culture, set the tone with effective hiring and onboarding, and up-level your team to achieve 10/10 performance. 

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Tahirih Skolnik
Head of Sales
Pat Morrell
Chief Revenue Officer
Jim Lambe
VP and GM - Canada
Ross Rich
Ross Rich
CEO and Co-founder
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Winning in 2024 requires a 10/10 team, and execution excellence. Building a culture of high performers starts at the top by creating an environment people want to be a part of, and building a roadmap for success. 

In this Masterclass, we'll share strategies from proven revenue leaders on how to build and maintain high-performing sales teams that consistently crush targets. Everything from setting the tone with your hiring, onboarding, continued coaching, and up-leveling (and promoting) your team to be A-players.

You’ll learn
  • How to identify and attract the right people to build a strong team culture

  • How to develop a winning sales culture that enforces your GTM standards and retains top performers

  • Proven strategies, tools, and training that your team needs to become A-players