Up-Level Your Sales Execution: 
Discovery at Every Step of the Funnel

Thursday, Sept. 15th at 1pm ET / 10am PT

Meet the experts

Bryan Caplin
20+ years leading, scaling & developing high-performing revenue orgs
Mike Palmer
Sales Lead
Harmonic's Sales Lead and an ex-MainStreet + Oracle AE
Ben Pearson
Ben Pearson
Head of Sales & GTM
Helped build and scale sales teams at Square & Front
Ross Rich, CEO and Founder of AccordRoss Rich, CEO and Founder of Accord
Ross Rich
CEO & Founder
Accord's CEO & Founder and ex-Stripe sales leader (scaling from 0 to 300+ reps)

Discovery is the key to driving urgency and energy in deals.

But few do it really well – or even think about discovery beyond the first step in their sales process.

We'll cover:

  • How to uncover key pain points in every conversation
  • Focusing on your buyer's “why” live, and automating the rest
  • Balancing buyer needs & timelines with driving the deal forward