Creating 10/10 Enterprise Account Plans

Join us on Zoom for a live masterclass Wednesday, February 7 at 1pm ET / 10am PT as we dive into:

  • Why account plans are a necessary part of enterprise selling
  • How to do the right research on your target accounts
  • What your account plans should look like

Meet the Experts

Ryan Sydor
Area VP
Area VP at Okta with 10 years of sales leadership experience.
Previously : Salesforce, Clio
Grayson Kimmel
Regional Director
Sales director at SailPoint with 5 years of experience managing sellers.
Previously: project44, Salesforce
Jake Kanter
Regional VP
RVP at Twilio with experience launching new products. Previously: Uber
Ross Rich, CEO and Founder of Accord
Ross Rich
CEO & Founder
Ex-Stripe sales leader, now helping GTM teams drive repeatable deal execution