Mid-Market Evaluation

A proven playbook for converting more mid-market deals, faster.
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Mid-Market Evaluation Playbook

A proven playbook for converting more mid-market deals, faster.

Mid-market deals typically have a longer evaluation process with more steps involved and stakeholders to loop in. Tariq Esmail, Head of Sales at Accord, uses this MM Evaluation playbook to drive consistency internally, align on the timeline and key tasks, and collaborate with prospects throughout the buying process.

Why should I use this playbook?

Tariq uses this playbook to understand the prospect’s buying process and collaborate throughout it. It’s a mutual plan, not a one-sided plan, so it should benefit both sides. Buyers are much more likely to see value from a shared space where they can have input and revisit throughout the journey, instead of being presented with a rigid plan that doesn’t fit their needs.

What’s in this playbook?

This playbook includes stages and steps for guiding prospects through the evaluation process, from initial scoping internally, to alignment during evaluation, to formalizing the agreement.

The summary page is used to capture key value props and problems that Accord solves for the buyer’s organization, so the prospect has one central source of information to reference and share with others on their team.

Who is this playbook for?

This MM Evaluation playbook can be used by SaaS teams selling to mid-market customers: typically a $20-50k deal size and a 6-12 week evaluation time or deal duration.

How should I use this playbook?

Tariq typically introduces the shared playbook in Accord during the second customer call, after he has early buy-in from the champion. He invites the VP of Sales and any other sales leaders from the customer side, the RevOps core enablement leader, and sometimes members of the executive team.

AEs should customize this playbook based on what they usually see during their target customers’ buying process: ensure they share the right resources and information, add any technical evaluation steps needed, adjust the partnership formalization stage, etc.

Tariq Esmail
Tariq Esmail
Head of Sales at Accord

Head of Sales @ Accord - In Toronto, Canada
Ex-Shopify, League, Clio, Top Hat

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