Building Community, Consistency & Radical Candor with Ryan Lazar, Country Manager, Qualtrics

10/10 GTM Episode 37
Transparent sales process - working together
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Welcome to Season 3 of 10/10 GTM: The Podcast for Revenue Leaders!

Our guest for Episode 37 is Ryan Lazar, Country Manager Canada, Qualtrics. Before joining Qualtrics six years ago, Ryan held roles at CareerBuilder, Unisync Group, and Xerox. He brings more than 15 years of sales experience to the conversation. 

In this episode, Ross and Ryan explore Ryan’s three strategies for achieving execution excellence. They discuss the importance of building an internal and external community, establishing consistency and clarity from the get-go, and practicing radical candor. 

Listen to the episode here, and get the key takeaways from our conversation below.

Building an internal & external community

When it comes to successful selling, building both an internal and external community is essential. Internally, a strong community fosters trust, rapport, and collaboration among team members, creating a positive culture and enabling effective teamwork. Externally, engaging with customers, partners, and industry networks helps build trust, understand customer needs better, and create meaningful relationships that drive increased revenue and retention rates.

“It’s critical to build a community,” says Ryan. “It’s how you build your brand. Put yourself out there. Be vocal and relevant where you can, and always ask others how you can be of service. This is how you grow your connections and make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction.” 

The bottom line? Internal and external communities position reps for greater success. With a network of support and connections, reps can continually upskill while nurturing their prospects and customers, ultimately translating to more sales.

Establishing consistency & clarity from the get-go

If you want to build trust with your prospects, consistency and clarity are key. When buyers know what to expect, they’ll be confident in their interactions with reps and in their decisions. Clear communication reduces the likelihood of confusion, ensuring prospects understand the products, services, pricing, and policies — all of which are essential to creating long-term customer relationships. 

Clarity and consistency require top-down implementation. “As a leader, it’s your job to be very clear about where and how you can help," says Ryan. “At our organization, whenever we have a deal review or pipeline forecast meeting, our reps know exactly what information to prepare and bring. They understand what’s expected of them, so there are no surprises, and this helps us stay consistent and organized throughout the sales process.”

Establish a clear structure so your team knows what to expect. Stay organized and manage your calendar effectively to avoid being overwhelmed. And communicate clearly and document important information so your team always has the necessary details at their fingertips. 

Practicing radical candor

Radical candor is a communication strategy that emphasizes the importance of being both caring and direct when giving feedback. When you practice radical candor, you show genuine concern for the person's growth and development. At the same time, you challenge them directly because doing so provides them with honest feedback which is necessary to improve and succeed. 

When you can have constructive, tough conversations with your team, you create a culture of trust, accountability, and continuous improvement. This allows the individual reps and team as a whole to grow, excel, and realize their potential. 

Rapid fire: Ryan’s fast sales insights

In a rapid-fire Q&A session, Ryan shares his insights with us on a wide range of topics: 

What’s the main reason most teams miss their ARR goals? Status quo. 

What’s your favorite resource for revenue leaders?Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win,” by Jocko Willink and Superconnector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships that Matter,” by Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh. 

What’s the number one challenge for revenue leaders in 2024? Negotiation. Being different from your competition. 

What’s the most important org: Sales, CS, or Marketing? Every department in an organization is valuable.

Best way to unplug from the demands of leadership? I run every morning. I’m part of a running group with guys on my street.

About Ryan

Ryan is a results-driven sales leader passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential. With over 15 years of sales experience, he has a proven track record of success in the tech sector, offering expertise in strategic business development and market expansion.