How to Up-Level Your Sales Team & Hit Your Goals in a Downturn

Seller's Journey Episode 14
Transparent sales process - working together
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Welcome back to the From Vendorship → Partnership podcast, Season 2: Seller’s Journey! 

This week, we’re sharing a masterclass we held with a panel of veteran B2B sales leaders on how to hit your sales goals during a downturn.

We talked about making the most out of every lead and opportunity, managing timelines & stakeholders when budgets are tight, and positioning your product as a “need to have” in this challenging time for tech.

Listen or watch the full session, and get more takeaways from the masterclass here!

Meet the experts:

  • Renu Gupta, VP of Sales at Thrive – 15+ years sales leadership at Slack, Dropbox, Google, Cisco, etc.
  • Elizabeth Andrew, Head of Sales at Netomi – 10+ years sales & leadership experience at Skillsoft, Dropbox, Parley Pro, etc.
  • Jamie Wheeler, Head of Sales at MessageBird – 2 decades of experience (Twilio, Braze, Layer, etc) across sales, leadership, and founding startups

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