Why Your Value Proposition Isn't Sticking with Kyle Coleman, CMO at Copy.ai

10/10 GTM Episode 40
Transparent sales process - working together
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Welcome to Season 3 of 10/10 GTM: The Podcast for Revenue Leaders!

Our guest for Episode 40 is Kyle Coleman, CMO at Copy.ai. Kyle brings more than a decade of Sales and Marketing leadership experience to the conversation. 

In this episode, Ross and Kyle discuss the importance of account POVs, contact POVs, and value proposition alignment with strategic initiatives. They explain how these elements are crucial for driving execution excellence across sales teams.

Listen to the episode here, and get the key takeaways from our conversation below.

Account POVs

Many GTM teams struggle because they don’t take the time to understand why they win deals and fail to perform the pattern matching that informs their account-based strategies.

 “Let's say you sell to cybersecurity companies and target them, but when asked why, you shrug your shoulders,” says Kyle. “You need to dig deeper to understand why you succeed in this particular industry, vertical, company size, or segment. Often, you’ll find commonalities that are less about the industry or company size and more about the strategic initiatives of those companies and how you support them.” 

Having an account POV is about understanding the "why" behind your actions, rather than just the "how." The goal is to gain a shared understanding of where companies are investing for growth and the challenges they might encounter so you can address them with your solution.

“I’ll give you an example. At Copy.ai as the CMO, what am I selling against? I’m not selling against AI workflow automation and illustrating how companies can increase productivity for a certain subset of teams,” Kyle explains. “A CRO, CMO, CFO, or CEO isn’t going to care about that. What I’m selling is the opportunity to fundamentally change the financial profile of their business by transforming their customer acquisition cost. I’m going to show them how we can increase the span of control of their SDRs from supporting one AE to supporting four, and the significant business impact that will have. That’s a completely different conversation than one about AI.”

Contact POVs

Personalization isn’t about finding out what hobbies your prospects have or details about their personal lives. What compels people to take action is your understanding of their individual role in advancing the company’s strategic initiatives. That’s how you connect the dots.

In your outreach, demonstrate that you understand how these initiatives personally impact them and explain how you can help them succeed. Show them how you can make them a hero in their company, delivering on strategic goals and impressing their board. 

“When researching someone, many teams look at their current role and think their work is done,” says Kyle. “This is a mistake. I became a CMO through roles in SDR and demand generation. When pitching to me, you should focus on the pipeline aspects of your product. This is very different from a CMO who advanced through content or product marketing. So, when conducting contact research, make sure you understand the person’s work history. Make inferences about their specialties, focus areas, and expertise based on both their current role and their past experiences. That slight 10 to 20% difference in your value proposition, tailored to be hyper-relevant, is what will make your message resonate.”

Value prop alignment with strategic initiatives 

Creating a consistent buyer experience requires complete alignment across all touchpoints. This consistency, though challenging to execute, is what separates great GTM teams from the rest.

“How often does it happen that the ABM team presents one value proposition, the lead converts, and then when the prospect talks with the SDR, the conversation is entirely different? Then, when they’re handed off to the AE, the discussion changes again,” questions Kyle. “You have to work very hard to ensure that the value proposition you’re leading with is consistent across all teams. This consistency should be reflected in your external marketing and carried through in initial calls with SDRs and AEs. This alignment frames the demo and the entire deal.”

There should be a clear, consistent message that traces back from the moment executives learn about your company to the implementation phase and throughout the value journey you take them on. Once you’ve helped them realize that first strategic initiative, you've earned the right to discuss what comes next.

About Kyle

Kyle is a seasoned Sales and Marketing leader with over a decade of experience. He has a passion for people development, problem-solving, process optimization, and unifying departments across the revenue organization. Before joining Copy.ai, Kyle served as the CMO of Clari and as the Senior Director of Sales Development and Optimization at Looker.