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Onboard Customers Faster

Help customers get to value quickly by collaborating on expectations and timelines, getting buy-in on the entire onboarding journey.
Screenshot of Accord platform going through a mutual action plan with multiple people clicking
Accord mutual action plan with multiple cursors collaborating in a shared workspace
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Cut Time to Value in Half

Stakeholder management

Bring Everyone Together

Make decisions faster and ensure your customers launch on time by inviting all stakeholders into one place. Keep the momentum going by aligning on next steps and outcomes.
project timeline widget example
project timeline widget example
Onboarding insights

Stop “Just Following Up”

See how customers are interacting and know which onboardings are on track with engagement data. Get the context you need to ensure each touchpoint adds value.
collaborative workspace

Make Onboarding Easier

No more ping-ponging between email threads, docs, and shared drives. Accord brings all your onboarding resources, links, and next steps into one flexible place.
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"And the customer's reaction was, 'I wish all the other SaaS vendors I interact with rolled out the red carpet like this.' After that Accord was a no-brainer."

Ghalib Suleiman
CEO, Polytomic

"Before, we’d get a customer up in about six weeks with training. Now, we’re pretty consistently hitting three weeks with much larger clients."

Dan Green
CEO, Trueplan

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