How Atrium Up-Leveled Their Sales Process to Move Up-Market

The Company

Atrium is a data-driven sales management platform that empowers AE, SDR, and CS managers to improve team performance with data.

Led by Peter Kazanjy (CRO and Co-Founder), Atrium’s revenue team follows a land and expand sales motion, so they’re focused on ensuring buyers are successful in the product early. They offer a Proof of Concept, where the Atrium rep sets up the prospect’s free account and guides them through the POC and to a purchase decision.

The Problem

As the Atrium team grew and began selling to larger organizations, they realized that their process for communicating and collaborating with prospects wasn’t scalable.

Time-consuming & unorganized ⏰

Atrium’s sales reps used an ad-hoc deal management process with their champions and decision makers that combined email, Google Slides, and spreadsheets.

  • Deal summaries, timelines, & resources were often buried in threads with 50+ emails 
  • Hard for AEs to keep up with and time-consuming to track down context for each deal
  • Confusing for buyers to understand the partnership’s next steps

Lack of alignment on requirements 🚫

If AEs aren’t aligned with the buyer on their challenges, timeline, and requirements at the beginning of the partnership, then the deal is likely to go off track.

  • Lack of a structured process made it difficult for reps to map out the buying journey
  • Couldn’t easily collaborate with buyers on their timeline and stakeholders in the decision making process
  • Surprises like unexpected security requirements often pushed close dates back

“We wanted to be less reliant on Google Slides & Sheets as we grew, and present business cases in a more professional, scalable way,” Pete said.

The Solution

Sean Cardenas, Sr. Sales Strategy Advisor & AE Team Lead, started searching for solutions and got a demo of Accord.

“When I saw how professional it looked, combined with the collaboration & deal management features, the value immediately resonated,” Sean said. “I wanted to start using it right away.”

Better deal management 🏆

Accord helps Atrium’s sellers manage deals effectively, and keeps both the AEs and their buyers accountable to next steps in the partnership.

  • Every step in the buying process is mapped out with deadlines and stakeholders
  • Internal steps keep reps organized with admin tasks they need to do mid-sales cycle
  • Managers have better visibility into reps’ deals & identify whether coaching is needed

Centralized resources 📁

Everything related to the partnership is centralized in Accord, enabling buyers to easily share context, get their team up to speed, and keep all stakeholders in the loop.

  • The Summary page outlines the buyer’s goals, challenges, and the proposed partnership plan, including how specific Atrium features solve the buyer’s problems
  • Share resources like testimonials, meeting recaps, and contracts in one place
  • Add meeting recaps to Accord so people who couldn’t attend don’t miss anything

Professional buying experience 🤝

Accord provides Atrium’s buyers with a simplified yet enhanced buying experience.

  • Dedicated, professional platform for the entire buying journey
  • Makes buying easier for prospects by guiding them through the process
  • Differentiates the Atrium team as they move up-market and sell to larger orgs
"I’ve only had positive reactions with champions I’ve shared my Accords with. We’ve even had a few ask for an intro to the Accord team for a demo!" - Sean

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