How Case IQ Reinforces a Consistent Sales Process & Drives Efficiency

The Challenge ❌

After Case IQ hired a layer of management to help improve processes and alignment, new Sales Director David McMurchy saw that established reps had knowledge of a proven sales process, but perfect deal execution didn’t occur every time. Secondly, the larger challenge was that new reps and management didn’t have a step by step playbook guiding them on how to progress each stage of the sale.

As a result, Case IQ’s sales team wasn’t following a consistent, shared process, and leaders struggled with gaining visibility into deals, coaching effectively, and maximizing deal velocity.

The Outcome ✅

Accord supported Case IQ’s sales team by reinforcing a repeatable sales process for reps to consistently execute. The playbook was constructed and implemented into every sales process, and the mutual action plan shared with customers aligned parties on the challenges they agreed to solve. As a result, rep onboarding times decreased dramatically and more established reps improved their deal execution. 

For leadership, Accord brought better visibility into the overall sales pipeline and every opportunity – enabling David and VP of Sales Neil Ritchie to quickly understand what’s working, the intricacies of each deal, and provide more specific coaching to level-up the team. 

“Accord supports us in reinforcing a consistent sales process across the entire team – helping new reps get up to speed quickly and senior reps improve their confidence & execution,” said Neil.

Defining a Repeatable Sales Process 🔁

Case IQ is a case management platform that helps global companies in all industries effectively manage their internal investigations by centralizing processes, improving data accuracy, and reducing risks.

When David joined as Sales Director, he was tasked with bringing rigor to sales processes and consistently coaching. There was also a focus on hiring new reps & effectively onboarding them to keep up with the company’s growth. As he began to dig in, he discovered that they needed to clearly define the sales process and make sure the updates made their way into the field quickly.

Stage entry and exit criteria existed in the CRM, but newer hires didn't have the specifics for progressing deals within the stages themselves. David found it difficult to enforce follow up SLAs when there was limited guidance on how to follow up.

By defining the sales process and building playbooks in Accord, Case IQ was able to: 

🗺️ Map & operationalize their sales process by building playbooks integrated into their workflow with key meetings & touchpoints, business cases, milestones, resources to share, etc.

▶️ Understand exactly what needs to happen after a prospect enters a new stage to get them to the next one.

👯 Drive consistency & efficiency by following a repeatable process for every deal.

“My goal was to translate the steps that the more established reps were following intuitively, and make the process crystal clear.
Accord helps us identify exactly how to move buyers from one stage to the next, and keeps us aligned around our SLAs.” - David McMurchy, Sales Director

Up-Leveling Deal Execution 🎯

Coming from a product-led background, one of David’s goals was to remove as much friction as possible from the buying process. He and Neil used Mutual Action Plans (MAPs) at previous companies and wanted to implement them at Case IQ, recognizing that they were key to aligning with buyers and driving urgency, especially in longer deal cycles.

“I was a little skeptical when my Director presented a software tool to drive Mutual Action Plans,” said Neil. “But the ease of use and integrations to Salesforce showed me the value of the program.”

By using Accord to build and share MAPs, Case IQ’s leadership:

🧩 Helped reps become problem-centric, using clear business cases to connect the dots between buyers’ challenges and how Case IQ can help solve them.

🙋 Improved multi-threading & accountability by understanding which stakeholders to loop in and getting buy-in on a clear timeline and next steps.

🏆 Set customers up for successful implementation by setting clear expectations early in the process – no surprises when they get to onboarding.

🤩 Improved rep deal execution & confidence – reps know what they need to do on every deal, instead of always needing to ask for guidance.

Improving Visibility, Coaching & Ramp Time 🔍

Coaching is a big focus for Case IQ: from making sure new reps can ramp quickly and start working deals on their own, to helping senior reps up-level their skills and fill in gaps.

“Accord has been invaluable for getting new reps up to speed quickly,” said David. “It;s also helped our reps take a step up and become more confident, instead of always seeking guidance.”

By using Accord to manage and enforce the sales process, Case IQ:

📉 Decreases ramp time by giving new reps a clear playbook to follow on deals.

📣 Reinforces processes and coaching, making it easier for leaders to hold reps accountable and give more specific feedback on areas to improve.

👀 Increases visibility into opportunities, helping leadership get a complete picture of where each deal stands and how they can best help.

“Consistency is key in building a repeatable and scalable sales motion. Accord is an awesome tool that gives us the ability to align our solution to customers’ problems at scale.” - Neil Ritchie, VP of Sales

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