How UserGems Delivers Better Training & Faster Onboarding

UserGems went from manual onboarding in spreadsheets to a streamlined process in Accord. Now they manage goals, resources & next steps in one place.

The Company 

UserGems is a Signal Platform that helps organizations identify the right buyers and action them with the right workflow. Designed to boost pipeline and reduce churn, UserGems captures buyer signals and automates the next steps. 

It supports revenue teams by optimizing pipeline generation, accelerating deal closures, preventing churn, and maintaining an accurate CRM. The company sells primarily to SaaS companies that are focused on generating more pipeline through outbound. It caters to marketing, sales, and RevOps personas. 

Steven Farina is the Director of Customer Success at UserGems. He spends his time managing the post-sales process which involves two key areas: implementation and Customer Success (CS). The Implementation department ensures customers reach a steady state and the CS department focuses on value realization and relationship building. 

The Problem 

Before implementing Accord, UserGems used Google Sheets to manage customer onboarding. The biggest pain points with this process were around settling timelines and keeping multiple stakeholders updated. General communication was also a challenge and Steven’s team struggled to manage different variations of the templates. 

“A Google sheet means you’re linking out to other places. This requires a ton of email follow ups, and it isn’t scalable,” says Steven. “We also spent a lot of time finding resources and collating them for customers. We felt like there had to be a better way.” 

The Solution 

To make onboarding a better, more efficient experience for customers, UserGems implemented Accord. “Every single customer we onboard gets immediately invited to Accord,” says Steven. “Accord is our one-stop-shop to manage implementation. Within the platform, we set goals, store all of our necessary resources, and clearly outline every next step.”

This helps Steven’s team maintain an organized, transparent onboarding process. As a result, CS reps and the implementation specialists can focus on helping customers achieve broader, more strategic improvements rather than micro-managing every step. 

Accord also helps UserGems enforce its best practices. “Accord has a beautiful, easy-to-use interface that our customers love. Each time we’ve surveyed our customers on their experience, they’ve consistently rated Accord five out of five. Additionally, Accord helps us enforce our standards because my team is always able to stay on top of their responsibilities. They always know exactly what they need to do next and how far along they are in the process.” 

Why UserGems rates Accord 10/10

The rollout of Accord happened in parallel with an organizational restructure that split out UserGems’ implementation and CS departments. Although this could have resulted in chaos, Accord made the process effortless. 

“Accord guides our team through all of our processes and outlines their tasks at any given time. It allows us to teach in a structured, organized way which makes training new hires a breeze,” says Steven. “It also made the entire transition 1000 times easier for us!” 

UserGames rates Accord a 10/10 because it’s easy to use, saves the team time, and makes the entire onboarding and training process seamless. “We’ve always put a lot of effort into our onboarding process, but since implementing Accord, we’ve had customers email our executive team saying, ‘We want to copy everything you do. Your onboarding process is on point.’”