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Improve Onboarding & Time-to-Live

Get Customers to Value Faster

Increase NRR & activation rates and maximize efficiency across your CS team. Drive consistent onboardings and accelerate time-to-live with a repeatable process.
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Frictionless onboarding

Make onboarding easier for everyone

Give your new customers a clear path to successfully launching your solution. Collaborate on a timeline, assign owners & due dates, and share resources in one centralized workspace.
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project timeline widget example
Launch velocity

Activate customers faster (and keep them longer)

Increase activation rates and accelerate time to value. Keep everyone in the loop by adding all the right stakeholders to your shared onboarding plan.
Repeatable process

Maximize your Customer Success team’s efficiency

Build a repeatable onboarding process that CSMs can follow and customize for every customer. Provide a consistent, professional onboarding experience that drives long-term customer success.
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UserGems Accelerated Launch Velocity & Increased Efficiency

“Since Accord enabled us to create dedicated steps that work, I don’t have to worry about onboarding as much. I trust that the team is following the process.”

Christian Kletzl
CEO & Co-Founder, UserGems

100+ GTM teams drive repeatable sales & success execution with Accord

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