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Sales Execution Platform

Repeatable Sales & Success Execution

100+ GTM teams use Accord to drive deal excellence and consistent execution – across every rep, on every opportunity.

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Accord mutual action plan with multiple cursors collaborating in a shared workspace
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The problem isn't your strategy.
It's inconsistent execution.

Build & share winning business cases

Differentiate your team and make it easier for your champion to sell internally. Align with stakeholders on goals, solutions, and quantified ROI to include in the executive summary.

project templates example
project templates example
project templates example
project templates example

Align on a clear path: next steps, owners, & dates

Mutual Action Plans drive deals forward and build stronger partnerships. Collaborate with buyers on the timeline, steps, and stakeholders needed to get the deal done.

Multi-thread and engage the right stakeholders

Identify, invite, and engage decision makers early. Keep stakeholders on both teams in the loop, and get notified when they’re engaging with your shared plan.

Organize and share helpful resources in one place

Add case studies, videos, security documentation, order forms, and other resources used in the buying journey for stakeholders to easily access and view.

G2 Crowd Reviews, Average 4.5 stars/50 with 30+ reviews
4.9/5 stars  |  80+ reviews

“Accord helped me close one of the largest deals in Figma’s history. And it was outbound sourced. There were over 13 stakeholders at my prospect’s account all collaborating in Accord. Do you know what it’s like keeping 13 people up-to-speed?”

100+ GTM teams drive repeatable sales & success execution with Accord

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