What's New in Accord: Step tasks, internal discussions, and more

January 2024 | Product Updates

Here’s our latest batch of product updates to help you drive repeatable deal execution and build stronger customer partnerships!

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Introducing Step Tasks in Accord: Simplifying Progress

We are excited to announce the latest feature in Accord - step tasks. This powerful addition transforms the way you and your customers navigate through complex sales processes, onboarding, and implementation. With step tasks, each step in your Accord becomes more manageable and transparent, ensuring every stakeholder is aligned.

Key Benefits

  1. Clarity and Focus: Break down complex steps into smaller, manageable tasks. This approach not only simplifies complex processes but also provides clear direction and focus for all stakeholders.
  2. Personalized Accountability: Assign each task to an owner, bringing a sense of clarity, responsibility and accountability to your team's workflow.
  3. Streamlined Scheduling: Each task can be assigned a due date, making it easier to track progress, meet milestones, and align to deal criteria. This is crucial for keeping all stakeholders on track.
  4. Automated Reminders: Stay on top of your Accords with automatic task reminders. Similar to step reminder notifications, this ensures that task owners are aware of upcoming tasks, reducing the likelihood of slipped timelines.
  5. Enhanced Collaboration: By breaking steps into tasks, stakeholders can collaborate more effectively. This structured approach promotes better communication, as each task provides a specific topic for discussion and resolution.

Recommended Use:

For complex steps within your Accords, leverage the power of tasks to deconstruct them into simple, actionable items. This method not only enhances understanding but also streamlines execution, which leads to closing deals faster and shortened onboarding time.

Internal Discussions and Threading

We are excited to announce two new enhancements to steps in Accord - designed to streamline your team's communication and collaboration.

Internal Discussions

Each step now includes an internal discussion section. Distinct from standard comments, this space is only visible to you and your internal team members. It is a private and secure environment for internal communication.


  • Confidential Coordination: Safeguard sensitive discussions and strategize with your team in a private setting, away from your external stakeholders' view.
  • Streamlined Internal Communication: Centralize your team’s discussions related to each step in one dedicated space, reducing the clutter of emails and Slack channels.
  • Increased Context and Visibility: Internal Discussions are tied to a specific step instead of outside of your Accord. This keeps you and your team on the same page..

Recommended Use: Ideal for increasing coordination and alignment among internal stakeholders. Use this feature to discuss account strategies, troubleshoot issues, or share internal updates, ensuring your team stays informed. 


We’re also introducing threading to both comments and internal discussions. This feature allows direct replies  to specific comments, making discussions more organized and easier to follow.


  • Clarity and Context: Understand the flow of conversations effortlessly. Replies are nested under the original comment, maintaining the context and relevance of each interaction.
  • Efficient Tracking: Easily track who responded to whom, simplifying follow-ups and responses. This clarity is crucial in multi-stakeholder environments where many discussions happen simultaneously.

Recommended Use: Leverage threading to maintain clarity in discussions, especially when multiple topics are being discussed concurrently. It’s a powerful tool to keep your conversations organized and focused.

Transform How You Collaborate:

With internal discussions and comment threads, Accord takes your deals and onboardings to the next level. Enjoy enhanced privacy, focused communication, and contextual clarity in your discussions, ensuring your team operates at its peak efficiency.