(Webinar Recap) 5 Rules for Buyer-First Sales, Accord x RevGenius

Thanks to those who joined Ross and me for our inaugural webinar with RevGenius, From Vendorship → Partnership: 5 Rules for Buyer-First Sales.

Special shout out to Dahlia (Ross’s puppy) who made a guest appearance 🐶.

For those who couldn’t join live, our discussion touched on:

  • The changing preferences of modern buyers (much less willing to work with sales).
  • Why buyers need sellers more than ever to successfully implement new solutions.
  • How to overcome the conflicting trends of buyers needing sellers more, yet being less willing to collaborate (hint: the answer has to do with positioning yourself as a partner rather than a vendor).

I recommend checking out the recording but for those in a hurry I’m sharing a few of my favorite points below.

Screenshot of webinar, 5 Rules for Buyer-First Sales
Special guest, Dahlia (Accord's CDO), making a surprise appearance.

Learnings and Takeaways 

  • Make your buyer feel heard by clearly articulating the why around the evaluation (their current problem and desired outcome). This should focus 100% on your buyer, and not on you and your solution.
  • Write down the why and continue to come back to it. Share it as part of your post-discovery call follow up email and validate it every time a new stakeholder is introduced. 
  • Take advantage of multi-threading and executive alignment to ensure that the entire team is bought into the project. Everyone should agree with the points outlined in the why statement. Don’t be surprised if different stakeholders have different priorities.
  • Tie your evaluation to a critical company initiative. Use this why to link the evaluation to a CEO level initiative. For example, how can you help with the company’s goals of expanding globally, and 30% of revenue coming from outside of the United States?

Original Event Description 

Buyers don’t want to talk to sales.

The average buyer spends 5% of their time during an evaluation with a supplier.

That’s 95% NOT spent with you!

The buying process is increasingly complex. Buyers have more options and more internal red tape than ever before. Sellers who don't partner with buyers and guide them through the buying journey will lose deals to competitors that do. 

Join buyer-first sales experts and practitioners, Ross Rich and Ryan Rich, as they share 5 rules that give sellers the upper hand to engage, collaborate, and guide buyers.

You will...

  1. Learn how to drive engagement and accountability from buyers
  2. Discover new ways to increase transparency and buyer-empathy
  3. Get your own questions answered during our interactive discussion!