Sales Academy for Founders (September 2021)
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Collaborative Workspace

Drive Engagement, Consistency & Transparency

Partner with prospects & customers to prevent lost deals, stalled onboarding, & missed revenue goals

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Accord mutual action plan with multiple cursors collaborating in a shared workspace
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Stand out with a delightfully collaborative experience buyers love. The right way to build relationships – collaboratively.

Shared Roadmap

Drive engagement and accountability with a shared understanding of next steps, milestones, timelines, and business objectives.

project templates example
project templates example
project templates example
project templates example

Project Management

From next steps with auto-reminders to stakeholder management, take best practices from project mgmt to the world of sales & success.

Business Case

Focus on your partner’s outcomes, not just your features. Arm your champion with a clear “why” & ROI for their internal stakeholders.

Get started with proven strategies used by 100s of scaling startups

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Clearly define your process that your team will follow, and your customers engage with