Drive Engagement & Accountability

Stop missing close and launch dates, start guiding Buyers. Move from Vendorship to Partnership through collaborative Mutual Plans.

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A transparent roadmap
Drive engagement and create accountability with a shared understanding of next steps, timeline, and business objectives
A clear “why”
Focus on their outcomes, not your features. Help your Buyer sell internally with a strong business case.
Stakeholder management
AEs aren't given the necessary training & resources to effectively collaborate with their Buyers. That’s where we come in.

Shared next steps

Stay on-track with your buyer on key dates and milestones through a truly mutual plan.

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collaborative business planning

Collaborative business plan

Focus more on Business Outcomes, and less on features, with an Executive Summary for every deal.


Multi-thread the deal by proactively looping in the right stakeholders at the right time.

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Automated email reminders

Stay on-track with your buyer on key dates and milestones.

Drive engagement & accountability

Collaborate with your Customers. Close more deals, faster.
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