Proof of Concept Playbook

Guide prospects through your POC/POV process and provide a clear path to go-live.
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Atrium’s Proof of Concept Playbook

Guide prospects through your POC/POV process and provide a clear path to go-live.

Atrium helps AE, SDR, and CS managers use data to improve team performance. Sean Cardenas, Senior Sales Strategy Advisor & AE Team Lead, built this playbook to ensure he and his reps follow a structured process when introducing prospects to Atrium and guiding them to a purchase decision.

Why should I use this playbook?

Previously, Sean and his team used an ad-hoc process combining email, Google Slides, and spreadsheets to communicate and collaborate with prospects. At times, it got chaotic, with Sean or the buyers having to track down buried documents among multiple email threads.

With a shared playbook in Accord, Sean’s team has been able to provide an enhanced, more professional buying process. All necessary documents, testimonials, and other resources are attached in the Resources section for prospects to access anytime. Every piece of the buying process is centralized, so stakeholders are always in the loop.

Using a playbook is just good deal management, Sean says – ensuring you don’t skip or miss any important step.

What’s in this playbook?

Atrium’s Sales Playbook begins when a prospect is ready to set up their free account, and guides them through the POC/POV and purchasing process.

The Summary page in the playbook includes an overview of the prospect’s problems, challenges, goals, and priorities. The prospects’ data priorities are linked to corresponding Atrium features. Then the Atrium team uses all this information to propose a solution and partnership plan.

The key stages and steps in the playbook include:

  1. Security Review

Optional first step, based on if the prospect requires a security review before setting up their free Atrium account.

  1. Data Light

Set up the prospect’s free account. Align on priorities and set up the next call. As needed, facilitate an executive introduction.

  1. POC/POV Stage

Tour the product and set up additional calls as needed. If the prospect is excited and wants to continue, build a path to go-live and create a partnership proposal.

  1. Paper Process

The final steps to purchase: security review, legal approval, and final signatures.

Who is this playbook for?

Typically, Sean uses this playbook for first transaction deals averaging $12K, with around a 75-day deal duration, but he has used it for larger deals as well. SaaS companies with multiple steps and stakeholders involved in the buying process can easily use and adapt this playbook for their own sales process – especially if they have a POC/POV stage.

How should I use this playbook?

When building or customizing your sales playbook, work backwards through your sales cycle. What has to happen at the end of each stage in order to get to the next one? Then, you can fill in all the steps needed in the middle.

A common concern of reps who are using a shared playbook for the first time is how to introduce it to buyers. Sean recommends introducing the playbook and inviting them into Accord once you know the buyer is excited about your product. From there, he walks through the rest of the timeline, providing them with a clear path to evaluate and purchase. 

Make it as easy as possible for your buyers to get the context they need through the playbook. Upload all relevant documents and resources, such as case studies or NDAs, so buyers can access them in one place and easily share with other members of their team. Sean also adds all meeting notes to the playbook, so stakeholders who can’t attend a call don’t miss anything.

Sean Cardenas
Sean Cardenas
Sr. Sales Strategy Advisor & AE Team Lead at Atrium

Sean is the Sr. AE & Team Lead at Atrium. Formerly an aspiring baseball scout/analyst turned data driven sales management enthusiast. With a focus in SMB and MM sales motions, Sean loves to blend analytics with coaching to help managers and reps be the best versions of themselves.

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