Building a Product-Led Sales Process

The way users like to buy has changed, so should your GTM playbook.
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Building a Product-Led Sales Process

The way users like to buy has changed – so should your GTM playbook. 

Pocus is a Product-Led Sales platform designed for the modern GTM team. Equip sales teams with the data they need to convert their best users into high-value customers — all without ongoing engineering support. Pocus’ private Product-Led Sales community is full of GTM leaders sharing their best practices, frameworks, and advice on setting up PLS from zero to one. This playbook will help you sales reps transform their traditional sales process into a Product-Led-Sales process.

Why should I use this playbook?

Product-Led Sales is the future of SaaS GTM. In PLS, your sales process is focused on driving value for users instead of making the “sale”. Learn how to set up a sales process that helps you identify your best potential customers and drive value for them. 

Use this playbook if…

  • You’re tired of trying to fit your PLG model into an old school enterprise sales process
  • You want to adopt a Product-Led Sales strategy

What’s in this playbook?

  1. Outline of the Product-Led Sales process 
  2. Best practices for outreach to PQLs

Who is this playbook for?

PLG companies who have layered or are thinking of layering on a sales function. 

How should I use this playbook?

Use this playbook as a jumping-off point for transforming your existing sales process.

Alexa Grabell
Alexa Grabell
CEO at Pocus

Alexa is the co-founder and CEO of Pocus, the first product-led sales platform. Pocus enables sales teams at PLG companies to identify, prioritize, and understand their self-serve users to ultimately convert them to high-value customers. Alexa’s passion for product-led sales started when she led sales strategy & operations at Dataminr, where she built internal solutions to empower sales teams with data.

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