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Manage a guided pilot and empower buyers with the information they need as they evaluate your solution.
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Assemble’s Pilot Playbook 

Manage a guided pilot and empower buyers with the information they need as they evaluate your solution.

Assemble is a compensation management platform that enables companies to make more strategic, fair, and equitable compensation decisions. Co-founder Enrique Esclusa uses this playbook to manage guided pilots with potential customers and formalize the partnership at the end of a successful pilot.

Why should I use this playbook? 

Use this playbook to keep your pilots on track and aligned around a shared end goal or success criteria. Assemble offers pilots for either larger value deals who request one, or when they just released a new feature and use a pilot to test it and gather feedback.

What’s in this playbook? 

Assemble’s pilots are typically quick (two weeks), with the playbook including these stages:

  1. Discovery – completed before the playbook is introduced
  2. Pilot – metrics & timeline, invite users, check-in, review
  3. Formalization – make it official!
  4. Resources – links to helpful resources

Who is this playbook for? 

SaaS sales teams that provide a relatively lightweight, fast pilot of their product during evaluation.

How should I use this playbook? 

Enrique’s advice for getting the most out of your pilots:

  • Focus on what matters

To make your pilots lightweight and help prospects see value faster, focus on the main use case(s) they want to solve, instead of trying to cover every aspect of your platform. 

Find ways to make it specific to your customer and demonstrate value without having to do a ton of heavy lifting.

  • Be clear and proactive

While you’re on a call with the customer, add dates and invite stakeholders live. Set a clear timeline and owners and show the key steps that will take them through the pilot.

Enrique Esclusa
Enrique Esclusa
Co-Founder at Assemble

Enrique is Co-Founder of Assemble, a compensation management platform that helps companies attract, motivate, and retain employees with fair & equitable pay. He previously managed Finance & Operations teams at Expanse, a cybersecurity startup, and oversaw their compensation practice. Before that, he was an investor at TPG and started his career in investment banking at Barclays. Enrique graduated from NYU Stern, grew up in Miami, and was born and raised in Venezuela.

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