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Support enterprise customers through evaluation and ensure a smooth transition from pilot to subscription.
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Figma’s Enterprise Pilot Playbook

Support enterprise customers through evaluation and ensure a smooth transition from pilot to subscription.

Figma’s enterprise sales team provides a guided pilot for potential customers, and after a successful pilot, leads the customer through onboarding. There are a lot of moving pieces to manage, and every account has unique needs. That’s why Enterprise AE Aaron Cramer uses this playbook to guide customers through the process and set the relationship up for long-term success.

Why should I use this playbook?

Playbooks help sales teams stay aligned and on track internally, but Aaron’s core reason for using them is to help support and add value for his customers.

This playbook enables enterprise AE teams to:

  • Support customers through a complicated buying process

Buying software at the enterprise level is difficult. A transparent, collaborative plan with clear next steps helps customers navigate the process.

  • Ensure a smooth transition from pilot to subscription

A lot of work needs to happen concurrently during the enterprise buying process. With a playbook, you can add reminders to kick off steps like legal & procurement early, so that when the customer is ready to buy, the work is already done and onboarding can begin.

  • Stand out from competitors

If your customers are also piloting your competitors, using a shared, professional playbook can help set you apart – especially if your competition doesn’t offer similar guidance and just leaves the customer to their devices.

What’s in this playbook?

This Enterprise Pilot playbook includes stages and steps to take customers through a guided pilot and set them up for long-term success with Figma. It includes stages and steps for:

  1. Pre-pilot alignment and kickoff
  2. Pilot setup and check-in
  3. Formalizing the partnership
  4. Onboarding and success

The playbook also includes a summary page with high-level info about the process and deliverables at each stage. Aaron includes links to helpful resources that customers can access anytime during and after their pilot, such as case studies, how-to articles, and training videos.

Who should use this playbook?

Enterprise AE teams at SaaS companies that offer a guided pilot/POC period would find this playbook helpful.

How should I use this playbook?

Aaron recommends using this playbook as the foundation for your enterprise pilot deals, and adding to it based on each customer’s requirements. You should always ask the customer what their buying process is, who needs to be involved, which steps may need to be added, etc so that you can customize the agreement for them.

When it comes to getting the most out of this playbook and ensuring your customers engage with it: it’s all about the presentation. Don’t just send the customer an invitation to Accord without context. Aaron reviews the plan during a live call with each customer, showing them how it was crafted based on previous conversations. That way, they’re more likely to understand the value of it and can ask questions.

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