Pilot Sales Playbook

Use this sales playbook to determine whether a prospect is a good fit, discover their pain points, and identify if your product is the right solution for them.
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Pilot’s Sales Playbook

Pilot offers bookkeeping, tax, and CFO services for growing businesses. Lance Gonzalez, Head of Strategic Accounts, uses this sales playbook to determine whether a prospect is a good fit, discover their pain points, and identify the right solution for them.

Why should I use this playbook?

Lance uses this playbook to provide a more modern, collaborative buying experience. Provide a clear timeline for your prospect and tailor the process to their needs. Being transparent, not hiding information, and focusing on understanding their problems will help build a trust-filled relationship.

What’s in this playbook?

The first three stages in Lance’s playbook are qualification, discovery, and scoping: determining whether the prospect will be a good fit for Pilot, identifying their problems to solve, looping in stakeholders, and finding the right mix of solutions to serve bespoke business needs. 

The last three stages involve putting together a proposal (which Lance adds to the summary page) and guiding the prospect through the closing process.

Who is this playbook for?

Since Pilot is a tech-enabled service, some of the steps may not align exactly with a usual SaaS or tech sales process, but most SaaS sales teams will be able to use this as a foundation for their qualifying, discovery, and closing process.

Lance uses this playbook for a range of deal sizes ($45-150k), which usually have a 30-day duration. The deals typically involve at least two stakeholders on the buyer’s side: the main champion and a C-level stakeholder.

How should I use this playbook?

Tailor the value you provide through the playbook to your company: add relevant resources such as case studies that will help prospects see how others have successfully used your product.

The most successful reps using this playbook make sure to set very clear expectations throughout the process. Go beyond just establishing an agenda: make sure your prospects know what each step in the evaluation includes, how you’ll follow up on deliverables, and any other details they need to align their team and make a decision.

Lance Gonzalez
Lance Gonzalez
Head of Strategic Accounts at Pilot

Switched professions from Finance to Sales. 10+ years revenue generating experience from SMB to Enterprise, SDR to AE to Partnerships to Management. Passionate about startups and building. 

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