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A collaborative roadmap from demo to go-live for B2B sales professionals.
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Two’s B2B Sales & Onboarding Playbook

A collaborative roadmap from demo to go-live for B2B sales professionals.

Two’s mission is to fix b-commerce, enabling merchants to offer “buy now, pay later” options to their business customers instantly at check-out. Robert Udnesseter, Head of Sales, uses a B2B Sales & Onboarding Playbook to guide prospects through demos and evaluation, and successfully kick off their implementation of Two.

Why should I use this playbook?

Creating a repeatable sales & onboarding flow for your reps ensures that everybody follows a proven process for converting customers. Without a central process to follow, knowledge is often split between different teams and you won’t reach your full growth potential. 

What’s in this playbook?

Robert’s team introduces the playbook in Accord after or at the end of the initial discovery/demo call, when the prospect is interested in further conversations. Then the team leverages the playbook to qualify, manage, and follow up on deals until the prospect is live.

  1. Demo – product demo, set follow-up meetings, invite other stakeholders
  2. Technical Scoping – understand technical & integration requirements
  3. Partnership Formalization – commercial terms agreement
  4. Implementation – development, testing & go-live

Who is this playbook for?

B2B sales teams selling a technical product to mid-market and Enterprise organizations – typically with a deal duration of over 2 months and involving 3+ stakeholders.

How should I use this playbook?

Since each customer is different, you should add or remove steps from the playbook based on their requirements. For example, some of Two’s customers have less technical requirements and don’t need to test the solution before going live. In these cases, Robert skips the technical scoping steps and moves straight to partnership formalization.

Since Accord is a new way of working, make it as easy as possible for your customers. Manage your timeline by working backwards from go-live, and set clear expectations. Focus on collaborating throughout and tailoring the playbook to your customer’s needs.

Robert Udnesseter
Robert Udnesseter
Head of Sales at Two

Robert lives in Oslo, Norway and runs the Nordic commercial team at Two. He has 10+ years experience in the technology sector, Fintech, SaaS, and hardware.

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