SMB Evaluation & Onboarding Playbook

Guide your champion at an SMB organization through the evaluation and implementation of a SaaS product.
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SMB Evaluation & Onboarding Playbook

Guide your champion at an SMB organization through the evaluation and implementation of a SaaS product.

SMB deals may not include as many steps or stakeholders as larger deals, but it’s still important to make it as easy as possible for your prospects to evaluate and buy. Jake Gingerich, Sales & GTM Lead at Accord, uses an SMB Evaluation & Onboarding playbook as the single source of truth for these deals.

Why should I use this playbook?

When selling to SMB organizations, getting a verbal or at least a strong commitment from the buyer on the second call is what Jake aims for. By providing our champion with all of our case studies, security documents, and other resources in one place, reps can more easily get approval to buy or map out the final steps.

What’s in this playbook?

This playbook covers the SMB SaaS buying and onboarding process from trial to continued success:

  1. Trial
  2. Evaluation
  3. Onboarding
  4. Team Launch
  5. Success on Accord

Who is this playbook for?

This playbook is for B2B SaaS sales teams selling to SMB organizations (5-50 employees or less than $3M in annual revenue). Typical deal size is between $2.5-10k, and deal duration is usually a month or less.

How should I use this playbook?

Jake’s advice for getting the most out of this playbook:

  • Completely fill out your summary page

SMB deals are simple because there aren’t too many stakeholders or priorities in your way to close the deal. You should have your summary page completely filled out with the goals your buyer has and the problems you will be solving. 

  • Don’t overcomplicate things

SMB buyers are typically ready to buy quickly if they’re a good fit and you ran a good discovery process. Don’t overcomplicate things and kick off the second call with an assumptive close. If they’re not ready, map out the other steps they need to move forward.

  • The majority of the playbook should focus on onboarding

This playbook covers the sales process, but most of the content is for onboarding and that’s the idea. For SMB deals, Jake is selling and discovering pain on the first call. On the second call, he introduces the playbook in Accord, recaps the problems and goals on the summary page, and shows how he’s done this a million times with an organized onboarding process.

Rod Sanchez
Rod Sanchez
Account Executive at Accord

Rod is an Account Executive at Accord, passionate about building scalable GTM processes and leading/coaching teams to exceed goals. Throughout his career, Rod has accumulated a breadth of experience in technical program management, marketing, operations, and sales.

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