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Predictable Forecasting

Increase Forecast Confidence

Get to the truth of each deal with objective milestones and customer-validated outcomes.
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Increase visibility

Get an unobstructed view of your pipeline

Know everything about your deals – from how reps are executing to how buyers are responding. Identify risks, focus on your best opps, and avoid late-stage surprises.
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project timeline widget example

Engage customers early and improve multi-threading

Use stakeholder mapping to reach decision makers early. Get customer engagement data to know where each deal stands, including updates on tasks completed, resources viewed, and buyer comments.
Improve quality

Eliminate manual, subjective rep-attested data

Stop relying on subjective info from reps on how deals are progressing. Set objective milestones and clear gates for each stage to improve forecast quality.
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How Procurify Improves Visibility & Drives Consistency

“Accord is like a magnifying glass that lets me see how well reps are executing on each deal, and how customers are responding.”

Steven Huynh
Mid-Market Sales Manager, Procurify

100+ GTM teams drive repeatable sales & success execution with Accord

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