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Repeatable Sales Process

Reinforce Your Sales Process and Methodology

Drive predictable deal execution. Reinforce your winning sales process & methodology directly to reps’ workflows.
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Consistent Execution

Standardize best practices – across every rep, on every deal

Avoid losing winnable deals due to inconsistent execution. Accelerate ramp times, win rates, and increase deal velocity with a repeatable process reps actually follow.
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Winning Playbook

Up-level sales execution – drive deal velocity & win rates

Get all your reps doing the right things on their deals. Build winning business cases, share resources, multi-thread & get executive buy-in, and disqualify bad-fit deals earlier.
Maximize Efficiency

Increase team efficiency & decrease rep ramp times

Maximize rep efficiency by operationalizing your proven process. Get new reps up to speed quickly and confidently working deals on their own.
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Figma Built a Repeatable Enterprise Sales Process

“We needed a tool like Accord to build out these scalable processes. Now when it comes to deal reviews, if a rep doesn’t have a plan in Accord with their customer, we ask, why not?”

Kyle Parrish
VP of Sales, Figma

100+ GTM teams drive repeatable sales & success execution with Accord

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