How to Integrate Salesforce with Accord

With Accord’s Salesforce Integration you can enforce execution excellence, and get increased visibility into your team's pipeline.

Accord + Salesforce Integration

Generating predictable and consistent revenue requires consistency, predictability, and accountability. 

Salesforce helps your team manage opportunities and internally keeps your team up to date. It’s great for some internal processes, however, your customers do not have access to the platform, and there is no way to ensure execution excellence within Salesforce alone.  

So how do you get your team executing consistently on every deal, while building a partnership with your customers and external stakeholders? By keeping reps and customers accountable, and ensuring evaluations and onboardings are on track with a consistent, repeatable, process. 

With Accord’s Salesforce integration you can enforce execution excellence, and get increased visibility into your team's pipeline. With defined deal criteria that syncs directly to your CRM you can say goodbye to inconsistent deal reviews, slipped deals, and unreliable information from reps while improving data quality, and ensuring consistent deal execution. 

  • Save time, and improve data accuracy by automatically updating salesforce & Accord fields with one click
  • Automatically create an Accord from your approved playbooks whenever an opp is created in Salesforce
  • Sync key fields from Salesforce to Accord. From close dates to opp values you can ensure that data is consistent with all updates reflecting in both platforms
  • With deal criteria and validation rules, you can map your methodology directly to your Salesforce stages. Prevent opportunities from progressing opportunity stages until they have achieved your approved deal criteria in Accord
  • Automatically create new contacts in Salesforce when stakeholders are added to your deal in Accord (and vice versa)
  • View Accord updates directly in Salesforce with the Accord CRM Card. Track deal status, user activity, and any blockers on the deal

Accord in Salesforce

Automatically sync key information and push customer actions to tasks within Salesforce. Ensure a single source of truth for all your customer and prospect data by eliminating manual updates, and empowering your reps to focus on what matters most - your customers. 

Report on Accord Data

Push customer-validated data from Accord to Salesforce. From customer health score, to number of customers invited to an Accord workspace, and stage name - report on each stage of your winning strategy in Accord. 

Push Customer Events to Salesforce

Whenever a prospect or customer takes an action in your Accord workspace, you can push this event to Salesforce as a Task. All tasks will be displayed under the Activity feed in your Opportunities. 

View Accord Data Without Leaving Salesforce

Adding Accord to your Salesforce Opportunity view lets you quickly understand the status of any Accord without leaving Salesforce.

Setting up the integration

Setting up the Accord & Salesforce integration requires a few quick steps that can be completed by any System Administrator or user with a Sales Profile and custom permissions enabled.

Step 1: Go to settings in Accord and select the Connect your CRM feature

Step 2: Select Connect Salesforce and follow the authentication flow. If you are using a Sandbox environment, make sure you select Connect Salesforce Sandbox 

Step 3: After the authentication is complete, install Accord’s Salesforce App into your Salesforce instance. Get a step by step breakdown of how to install and set up the Accord CRM Card in your Salesforce Opportunity view in our knowledge base here. 

Step 4: Add the Accord Web component to your customer objects 

Looking for technical documentation for the Accord <> Salesforce Integration? Check out our knowledge base, or reach out to the Accord team directly.  


Is the Accord App listed in the AppExchange? 

Accord App is not yet listed in the AppExchange marketplace. You may see a related warning. Accord is SOC2 compliant and the Accord App is secure, functioning, and fully production-ready.

Is Salesforce Lightning required for the Accord integration?

Yes, you will need the Accord Lightning web component to place the Accord card where desired in your Salesforce instance