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Your Customers Don’t Want To Talk To Sales

The average buyer spends 5% of their time with a supplier…

That’s 95% NOT spent with you


Here’s why

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They don’t think they have to.

Modern Customers are conditioned to evaluate without you. They’re used to flexibility & self-serve – even for their largest purchases!
Buyers don’t reach out until they’re 70% through their process.

They don’t have the time to.

The buying experience is overwhelmingly complex. More options to evaluate, stakeholders to coordinate, and hoops to jump through.
Avg # of buyers rose from  3 --> 14, and still growing.
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They don’t have a reason to.

The average sales process is just that, a sales process – not a buyer journey. They aren’t looking to be qualified. They have a problem to solve.
94% of sales leaders AGREE: “Our sellers struggle to add value to customers”
Source: Gartner

Your buying process is complex

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How are you guiding your customers through this process?

That’s where we come in

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Collaborative Workspace

Drive engagement, consistency & transparency

Partner with prospects & customers to prevent lost deals, stalled onboardings, and missed revenue goals.

Screenshot of Accord platform going through a mutual action plan with multiple people clicking
Accord mutual action plan with multiple cursors collaborating in a shared workspace
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project timeline widget example
customer collaboration platform for sales, showing dropdown with: use playbook, duplicate, archive
Repeatable Sales & Onboarding

Reinforce repeatable sales
& onboarding motions

Implement a repeatable sales & success process that’s collaborative with customers.

GTM Playbooks

Built-in best practices & templates from successful startups

Adopt winning strategies, templates, and tactics used by 100s of high-growth startups. Partner with dedicated sales experts to customize.

project templates example
project templates example
project templates example
project templates example
project timeline widget example
Ramping AEs & CSM`s

Effectively onboard,
ramp & scale your team

Invest in their success. Don’t just hire the best, enable your Sales & Onboarding teams to onboard and ramp quickly to hit your growth goals.

Move from vendorship to partnership.

Help your sales teams close more deals, faster by shifting towards a customer-centric sales process.
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