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Hey there 👋

It’s no longer about ROI. It’s about cutting costs.

How are you able to position to CFOs & execs that their return is immediate and results in lower costs for their biz?

That new line item isn’t happening. Very few companies (even larger ones) are adding new spend… as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’re in B2B sales! 😅

In this market it doesn’t matter if your product:

✅ is loved by users

✅ solves a business problem

✅ helps drive revenue

if it’s not also directly driving down costs or replacing an existing line item.

CFOs & execs are watching like hawks. If it's not an easy "yes" for them, you're not getting the deal done no matter how amazing your product or champion is.

You can’t just show that your product solves an exec-level challenge… you need to make clear how your partnership will drive efficiency and consolidate / replace existing line items.

Agree? Would love to hear your take!

- Ross

PS – speaking of which, happy to share how Accord can support up-leveling your sales & CS execution AND reduce spend across your GTM stack... feel free to reply or grab time. :)

In this newsletter:

  • Masterclass for CS leaders & teams on driving customer growth
  • ICYMI: get a free business case template (approved by 30MPC)
  • The simple checklist to know how your deals are ACTUALLY doing

🔐 Masterclass for CS leaders: Unlocking Customer Growth

Masterclass: Unlocking Customer Growth

Deals aren’t done when they’re marked closed-won.  

Your customers don’t care about the signature; they care about solving that exec-level challenge.

And since customers are a key growth channel (especially in 2023), your team needs to up-level strategies like account planning & stakeholder mapping to hit your renewal and expansion goals.

That’s why we’re hosting a masterclass for CS leaders & teams on unlocking customer growth!

The best of the best in CS are joining: Monica Perez (Notion), Paige Arimond (Groove), Jonathan Sousa (Portage), and our very own Ian Russell. 🥳

They'll cover topics like:

  • How to successfully drive account expansion
  • Aligning sales & success to drive business outcomes, not just get to signature
  • Using multi-threading & account mapping to drive world class net retention

As a bonus, we’ll share an insider template with attendees to help with stakeholder mapping. 👀

👏 The business case template all your reps should be using

Why are business cases / executive summaries so important? 🤔

No matter how much control you think you have over your sales process, you won’t be in the room for every single conversation.

So how do you ensure the right information is being shared about your solution? How do you know you’re actually aligned to key decision makers’ priorities?

The answer: building a strong, quantified business case on every deal. 🎯

That’s why we partnered with 30 Minutes to President's Club to create a business case template for B2B sales teams! 🎉

It can be hard to know where to start when creating business cases. So we put together an actionable resource that you can share with your reps or fill in for your own deals.
Grab your copy of the business case template (plus tactics from the one & only Armand Farrokh, 30MPC host) and start nailing those key deals. 💪

✅ VP of Sales’ deal review checklist

VP of Sales Josh Roth's 4 question deal checklist:

1) Are we texting our champion? 📱

2) Are we multi-threaded & above the power line? 🧵

3) Are next steps locked in the calendar? 📅

4) Have we validated a real value analysis? 🔍

These leading indicators help his team focus on the needle moving, customer-driven data points to drive win rates & forecast effectively.

You don’t have to over-complicate things.

Frameworks like this are a great way to drive consistency across an entire GTM team and make sure you’re executing 10/10 on every deal, every time.  

You can steal more tactics from Josh and other top revenue leaders from our recent masterclass on multi-threading.

Thanks for reading From Vendorship → Partnership 👋

Ross Rich (CEO and Co-founder)

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