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Hey there 👋

One of the highlights of growing Accord over the past few years has been the opportunity to connect with the passionate community of startup revenue leaders, sellers, & fellow founders.

But Zoom doesn’t quite cut it 😌

So we set out on a mini-tour of in person events (kicked off in Toronto last week!) If you feel the same way, we’re coming to NYC next week, SF shortly after, then… tell us where we should pop by after!

We had a blast hanging out with folks leaders in TO, and hope everyone who joined had a great time too – the energy was electric ⚡

New York: you’re next! 🍎

We’re hosting another happy hour for revenue leaders, founders, VCs, & other startup leaders in NYC next Wednesday, May 4 from 5-7:30pm.

I’d love if you joined us! If you’re interested, reply and I’ll share the details.

- Ross

In this newsletter:

  • How to scale your revenue org, from your first hire to 20+ reps
  • PLG tips from sales legend Mark Roberge
  • Update for Accord users: easier sharing

🚀 Webinar: How to Scale Your Revenue Org from 1-20+ Reps

How do you scale your revenue organization?

What’s the playbook for your first hiring class? What about your first 20+ reps?

I’m joining Pete Kazanjy (Co-Founder & CRO at Atrium) to answer these questions live on May 3 at 11am Pacific!

We’ll cover:

🌱 How to prove success of a “complete unit” of revenue production: lead gen, selling & closing, & onboarding (3+ revenue employees)

📈 How to prove success of a full team of teams under one manager: AE team, SDR team, & CS team (revenue team of 12+)

👯 How to clone your existing team & get them up to speed, typically with another layer of management (revenue team of 30+)

Interested in joining? Save your seat here.

🎙 On the Podcast: Mark Roberge on PLG, Playbooks, & More

Product-led growth isn’t going away anytime soon – according to sales legend Mark Roberge: “We’re only in the first of 9 innings for PLG.”

We talked to Mark on the podcast last week (still a little starstruck 🤩) and he shared two key tips for adopting a product-led sales motion.

1. You need sales reps who are similar to CSMs 🙋

Bring prospects into your self-serve funnel, get them to activate, and call users who are stuck in your product.

You’re not trying to give a demo or get a signature – figure out what your users want to accomplish, show them how to do it, and check back to make sure they’re successful.

2. Align your compensation plan with your product-led sales motion 💰

Compensate sales reps 20% more for expansion revenue. This aligns their behavior with the behavior you want from your buyers.

Say a buyer has 100 potential users for your product, but they want to try it with 2 users first. With this plan, reps are motivated to ensure the 2 users are successful in the product first, then upsell the other 98 – instead of trying to sign all of them at the beginning without knowing if it’s a good fit.

Is your org following a PLG strategy? I’d love to hear your advice for other sales teams! Reply & we might share in an upcoming newsletter.

🤝 Accord: The Customer Collaboration Platform

New features in Accord to make sharing easier

An easier way to share your Accords 🎉

The core of Accord is collaborating with your buyers. And to make collaboration with your internal team and your customers easier than ever, we’ve added a group of new features for faster sharing.

What’s new:

  • Add an approved domain to your workspace, so any customers with that email domain can access it
  • Use a single link to invite customers to Accord
  • Click the new “share” button to invite new members from any page in your Accord

Learn more about the new features!

Refer us to sales/CS leaders? (We’ll make it worth your while!) 📣

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If Accord is beneficial to you and your team, we’d love an intro to sales and success leaders  who could get value from using Accord to partner with their buyers.

Make an intro to a qualified meeting, and we’ll send you $100.

And if they become a customer? We’ll send you $500.

Thanks for supporting Accord – we couldn’t do it without you!

Thanks for reading From Vendorship → Partnership! 👋 As always, let me know your feedback on this edition and what you want to see next time.

Ross Rich (CEO and Co-founder)

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